Fish Story, or Judge Others Lest Ye...

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Just a few days after my triumph as Ambassador in the Duarte Route 66 Parade, I have been asked to be a judge at the Aquarium of the Pacific's sustainable seafood cookoff this morning.

I'll be adding my amateur palate to those of Michael Cimarusti of Providence Restaurant and Bob Haskell from Pacific Life Foundation.

Best of all, the dishes the chefs will prepare must include halibut! That's pretty easy to take.

(In our photo, by Slobodan Dimitrov in the LA Public Library online collection, Rudy Rodriguez is icing down a palette of swordfish prior to an airline shipment. Swordfish is an acceptable choice when it comes to sustainability, according to the Monterey Bay Aquarium,
as long as it's not caught on longlines in the international longline fleets.)


Advances in Nanotech

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In association with JPL, the former Soviet space agency, and Vatican Polytechnic, Off-Ramp is pleased to unveil the first movie made with its new nanotechnology, Dogscope 2100.


Striking Photos of Old Matchbook

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My friend Tom Taylor, the noted radio analyst, wrote to tell me he's very excited about his latest purchase -- World War Two-era matchbooks. Who knew there was such a specialty!?

"Wanna see a cool WWII matchbook? I bought this at the Brimfield antique markets in Massachusetts two weeks ago, and I've never owned it before, though I've heard about it. There are two jokes here in what's called a "featured matchbook", so read the 3 pics in numerical order. In good shape with all its matchsticks (which this one lacks), this is worth about $80." (He didn't say how much he paid.)

These are actually the only known photos of Tom's fingers. Historians take note! It's an Off-Ramp exclusive.


Breakdancing in Little Toyko - UPDATE WITH VIDEO FROM EVENT

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This was the scene (photographed by Twitterer lahiphopdance) you could have watched through the glass walls of the Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo tonite til 11.

Julian and I ate dinner at Suehiro and happened across the Undadog 4 Battle 4 Little Tokyo, presented by Maximum Stylez MDC, a hiphop breakdance competition that kept us rapt for a good hour.

Kids and young adults were flying all over the floor, emitting a ton of positive energy. Black, white, Asian, Latin, gay, straight, didn't matter. The security guard, an older bullheaded guy, was beaming, saying something good about keeping the museum open late. I'm sure this kind of stuff happens all the time and I just don't know about it. But I'm glad I saw it tonite.

Here's a taste of what was going on:


Ahmad Jamal In LA Next Weekend! Go!

This man's piano playing will scramble your brains, add colors, lights, herbs and spices, and feed them back to you through your ears.

Ahmad Jamal is one of the undisputed great jazz pianists. He is nearing eighty. Don't put off seeing him play. A few years ago, he was coming to LA fairly regularly, playing at the Jazz Bakery and Catalina's, but lately he's been doing concert venues, not clubs, and NOT in SoCal.

But I checked his website at random today and noticed that he's booked for a rare LA gig. It's this coming Friday and Saturday, September 25 and 26, at the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center, 4718 West Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90016.

When I bought my tickets, there seemed to be plenty left. Hope to see you there. My guess is you could dress nicely for this concert with no loss of face.