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The Parrots of Cypress Park

The famous mysterious Arroyo Parrots cycle through Cypress Park every few months. They love the berries on the tree in front of my house. Here's one of them.


Did Duarte Parade Organizers Make Huge Mistake?

I have accepted the Organizing Committee's kind invitation to be an Ambassador in the Duarte Route 66 Parade and Classic Car Show, which starts this Saturday at 10am.

You should go. There'll be lots of great marching bands, cool classic cars, and you can cheer for Grand Marshall Zac Sunderland, the youngest solo circumnavigator.

For my part, I have been assured that I will only have to speak for one or two minutes, and will not have to do much more than wave and be a nice, friendly person. This last probably shouldn't be much of a problem, even for me, given how low West, Williams, and Wilson have set the bar lately. I just have to avoid shouting, "You lie! Beyonce did not foot fault!"

To get you in the mood, check out one of the marching bands from last year.

And sign up below if you're willing to make a sign (and wave it at the parade) saying "Rabe Circumnavigated the Mall -- Looking for Parking."


Coloring Outside the Lines is OK

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I had a hell of a good time interviewing David Weidman Tuesday afternoon.

David Weidman has been a ceramist (not for sale - he's too attached to them) and an animator (backgrounds for "Mr. Magoo" and "Fractured Fairy Tales") but he's best known for the hundreds of prints he made in the 1960s and 70s, which use wide swaths of evocative color and Cubist-like imagery to get his point across.

I interviewed him for the September 26th Off-Ramp, and was frankly a little worried that at 88, his voice might not be as strong as the artistic vision in his prints. That was no problem. On the patio of his house in Highland Park -- a house he and his family built piece by piece, room by room, over the last 50 years -- he described in detail how he segued from realistic representation to his more impressionistic work.