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Will that Bugle Play Taps at Hollywood Park?

The sport of kings may come up one monarch short. Inglewood’s city council votes tonight on whether to convert the 238 acres of the 71-year-old Hollywood Park racetrack to a two-billion-dollar retail-and-residences complex. We spent time on what racing means in So Cal, about the prospects for track life after Hollywood Park, and the prospect that the state would sell the Del Mar racetrack to help close its budget gap.

The former Egyptian ambassador to the U.S. sized up President Obama’s pending big speech at Cairo University. It’s a paradox, because at the same time that the president is popular in the Muslim world, that same population’s positive attitudes toward the U.S. are pretty low. Will the speech send a little tough love Egypt’s way — and Israel’s too, when it comes to the Palestinians?

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s reported budding relationship with a KTLA anchorwoman and former Miss USA has raised the question of those tricky work relationships — in the office, with subordinates or superiors, with competitors. Coke once fired an employee who was engaged to a Pepsi accountant. What are the go and no-go guidelines for these relationships? Judging from your calls, there are no hard and fast rules; some of these relationships work, some simply don’t — like Clint’s. He told us about the new office secretary 20 years his junior, a Filipina on an expired tourist visa, who ended up marrying him — and bailing out just as soon as she got her green card. Already terrific comments on the Ms.-Lonelyhearts-For-The-Day blog, and please, keep ‘em coming!

Tomorrow, how the 20 years of technological breakthroughs since Tienanmen Square have affected politics and public life in China, and Oscar-winning director Taylor Hackford turns his hand to the stage, and to Vegas lounge music.

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