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We Won't Rain on Their Parade -- But Should We Pay For It?

Woo hoo and congrats to the Lakers, bringing home the big trophy. What they've come home to [besides the cleanup from the deplorable ''celebration'' mini-riots on Sunday night] is a pretty vinegary debate about whether a city that's got a half-billion-dollar hole in its budget should pony up any dough toward a victory parade.

A parade could cost the city of LA anywhere from, oh, $100,000 up to maybe a million bucks, but the notion of the city putting up a penny at a time when jobs and services are being cut isn't going down well with some people -- among them the head of the LAPD union, and Councilman Bill Rosendahl, both of whom had their say today [and you can cast your virtual vote on this at the Patt Morrison blog at]. The city's casting about for some private business or organization -- maybe Lakers folks themselves -- to shoulder the entire cost.

The goings-on in Iran are going to have repercussions around the world -- and the world is the intended audience of some of the hundreds of thousands of demonstrators thronging the streets of Iran and carrying English-language signs protesting their ''stolen'' votes. Suzanne Maloney of the Brookings Institution was back as our Iran expert. She said that no one foresaw this outcome -- a pretty obviously rigged vote tally, and the astounding pushback from irate Iranians. You bet we'll be all over this story.

Too bad P.J. O'Rourke got driven by someone else to his interview at KPCC today. I thought he might have tipped his hand with the kind of car he was renting. He came in with his book ''Driving Like Crazy,'' a paper tombstone full of love letters and epitaphs for the Great American Automobile -- the big, gas-swilling Detroit metal monster that thrums through the dreams of adolescents of every age. He grieves that the roads are now full of cars that, in his words, look like cell phones. Are you? Is a car about romance, or is it just another appliance to make our lives easier? Find your way to the Patt Morrison blog and go pedal to the metal.