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The $$ Drag on Your 401k, and -- You Learn Something Every Day -- ''Rubber Drag''

It isn't just the crummy economy that's chewing away at some 401ks. The fees charged by the companies that manage them can run into the tens of thousands over the life of a 401k. So Congressional Democrats are putting forward a truth-in-handling bill that would require investors to reveal very clearly, in forthright dollars, not fine-print percentages, how much investors are charging.

That, the Congressmen say, would let 401k holders do some comparison shopping, the way home-sellers might choose the real estate agent who charges a smaller commission. An official with Hewitt, which handles billions in 401ks, said she welcomes the transparency rules but some investment firms have been balking, contending that kind of detail would be too expensive.

From what our other guest said -- the New Jersey Democrat who co-sponsored the bill along with California Democrat George Miller -- that's not an argument that's likely to wash when legislators are trying to make financial firms more upright and forthright.

Now, if that ''rubber drag'' phrase caught your attention -- X-rated movies are a multi-billion-dollar business, and they evidently make even more money when the performers don't wear condoms. One performer recently tested HIV-positive, so our chat about condoms and porn generated quite the spate of calls, including one from porn veteran Nina Hartley, who said that her preference was for no condom because of -- to use a phrase familiar to her but probably entirely new to you, as it was to me -- ''rubber drag.'' I leave it to you to divine its particulars.

On Monday, how can the American muscle car reinvent itself in the age of the hybrid engine?

-- Patt Morrison