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Ban Ki-moon, Annette Bening and Comedy Congress -- a Radio Triple Crown!

We're giving the Oscars a run for their money this week -- at least in terms of star power beyond the mere confines of movie-dom.

In about a half-hour's conversation with the U.N. Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, I covered concerns about Iran's nuclear program, Afghanistan's ''civil surge,'' some Americans' enduring skepticism about the United Nations, and the sessions that the Secretary General held with Hollywood stars like Michael Douglas and Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, seeking to enlist the film world in his campaign for women's empowerment. He speaks at UCLA on Tuesday about how individual actions can indeed make a difference.

And the hits just keep on coming! We'll be at the Ice House on Tuesday evening for Comedy Congress, and even if you can't join us -- we're booked up -- you can listen on Friday to some really choice political humor from our Honorable Members representing the districts of Chortles, Guffaws and Bellly Laughs.

And on Thursday, Annette Bening, the Oscar- and Golden Globe-nominated and SAG-award-winning actress, takes us downstage and upstage and backstage, all about her acclaimed starring performance in ''The Female of the Species'' at the Geffen Playhouse. I've seen it -- it touches all the bases, as funny and shocking and touching.

''See'' you Tuesday on the radio at 1 p.m., and always, as always, online right here.

-- Patt Morrison