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Jesse Ventura Comes to KPCC -- KPCC Still Standing

''Former governor of Minnesota'' is only one of his many chameleon careers. Jesse Ventura has been a pro wrestler, a Mongol biker, a bodyguard for the Rolling Stones, a Navy veteran, a provocative talker on American politics, and author of a new book and host of a TV show about conspiracies.

He isn't a shrinking violet when it comes to body-slamming the two-party system as being in the pockets of big business and each other, about standing up for gay marriage and legal marijuana, as well as his conclusions about conspiracies in matters from the JFK assassination to election fraud in recent presidential elections, and the attacks of 9/11.

If you're ready for an in-your-face half-hour of radio, you can listen to it on the Patt Morrison page at He is a one-off in American public life, that's for sure.

Not one but two Jareds from the Obama Administration today: Jared Bernstein, who heads the White House task force on middle class concerns, navigating the big health care reform bill that's coming to a once-and-for-all vote later this week ... and Jared Blumenfeld, who's the EPA's guy in charge of region 9, the huge chunk of the nation, from Guam to California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii.

He's very concerned about ''environmental justice,'' how poor people are disproportionately affected by pollution, like the people of Kettleman City, alongside Interstate 5 between LA and San Francisco, and the high number of birth defects in kids there. There's also a new anti-pollution project underway along the 710 freeway corridor, which is the ''big truck river'' of LA. Heads up, polluters -- he says the Obama Administration isn't afraid to bring in the big legal guns, he says, if that's what's needed to clean up the air, the water and the earth.

And to answer my colleague Steve Julian's blog question about this morning's earthquake: no, I didn't feel it.

Call me delusional, but I'm inclined to believe real Angelenos don't bother waking up for anything under a 4.5 quake, and this one missed the mark. Still, I did dream that we were having an earthquake; maybe I sublimated the sub-duction moment into my subconscious?

That new Andy Garcia film ''City Island'' opens on Friday -- if you missed my interview with him and writer/director Raymond De Felitta, be sure to go back to the Patt Morrison page and give it a listen. I told them both that the film struck me as its own genre, a sort of working-class Woody Allen film. Andy Garcia's daughter co-stars as Garcia's character's daughter; check out his answer when I asked him about how he handled watching his daughter playing a stripper.

Next time, the man who's filling wordsmith William Safire's thesaurus as the ''On Language'' columnist at the New York Times magazine.