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Mayor Riordan Takes Over ... My Desk, and Other Matters of Pith and Moment

Dave Barry didn't mind it when I referred to the double-play day last week when I interviewed playwright and author David Mamet in the first hour, and Barry in the second hour, as going from ''the sublime to the ridiculous.''

Barry, of course, writes humorous columns and books when he's not running for president, and after I'd gone a few rounds with him on the air, he sat down to spar with former Mayor Richard Riordan in the Crawford Family Forum at KPCC.

He and Riordan are old friends -- Riordan endorsed Barry for president, maybe on the expectation that he'd get some cool cabinet post, or at least some of those packs of M&Ms embossed with the presidential seal. But hey, that's politics.

The former mayor did find his way to my desk and ensconced himself in my chair -- here's the photograph Riordan but as I emailed him, did he have to steal my Crayolas, too? I talked to Riordan about more serious matters, including Los Angeles and the prospect of bankruptcy, in my LA Times column, which you can read here Riordan

Our program also got a nice mention on Ira glass' Wikipedia entry Ira

As for this week's coming attractions ... Ayaan Hirsi Ali! Nouriel Roubini! Spanish novelist Carlos Ruiz Zafon! And the expected political earthquake that you may know as the Tuesday primaries ... pundits predict at least an 8.0 -- will they be right?

June Gloom I am prepared for, but this bout of what everybody's calling May Gray is testing my ability to keep track of an umbrella. Why oh why didn't I ask for new windshield wiper blades for Arbor Day?

-- Patt Morrison