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Getcha hot props, right here! And myth-busters, arachnid edition

C'mon, you know you love it. Initiatives, baby! The people's hands on the steering wheel of state!

We gotcha some doozies for November, like legalizing marijuana and a big water measure just in time for Arnold Schwarzenegger to leave office [and maybe go off to bust up some dams, or build 'em?]. Tune in today, ye masters of California.

And summer is arachno-season; I see new webs every morning when I trudge outside for my newspaper. I've never read any messages in them like the yowza adjectives in the webs spun in the charming book ''Charlotte's Web,'' but the bigger message is ''spiders are cool.''

They kill unhelpful insects. We smash them way, way too often, and we have way, way too many urban legends about them. On yesterday's program, our arachnid expert from the LA County Museum of Natural History shot down all the myths about violin spiders and brown recluses here in Southern California. No such thing, he declared, and like Joe DiMaggio at bat, he kept swinging at every caller's tale of such spiders and knocking it out of the park: Did you see the spider? Did you see the spider? There are spiders with a nasty bite but the only one that can do serious damage to your health around here is the classic black widow.

Not convinced? Go the Patt Morrison page and have a listen.

Me, I am not a squasher. I get a glass and a slip of paper and escort said arachnid out of my house to do his or her useful work somewhere other than my bathtub.

-- Patt Morrison