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Welcome to the Patt Morrison blog page!

Portrait of Patt Morrison.
Portrait of Patt Morrison.
Anibal Ortiz

Eureka is the California state motto, and eureka it is — in Greek, roughly, ''hey, here it is!''

And here it is, the Patt Morrison blog page, with the full versions of short interview segments you may have heard aired somewhere on the KPCC clock, chats with sundry fascinating people, the audio and the podcasts of special events like ''Comedy Congress,'' and any other curious and interesting bits we may think you'd like, and perhaps even an especially spectacular chapeau now and then.

It also rolls out the welcome mat for your comments, too.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your computer mouses! [It is ''mouses'' for computers, right? Not ''Mice''? Could a Steinbeck Silicon Valley sequel really wind up being, ''Of Mouses and Men''?]


♥ Patt