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PHOTOS: Patt Morrison visits the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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The big reveal on Hollywood Boulevard for Gale Anne Hurd’s star on the Walk of Fame: Andrew Lincoln, the British star of ‘’Walking Dead,’’ executive producer Hurd, Hollywood Chamber of Commerce CEO Leron Gubler, and long-time former Hurd collaborator, James Cameron. You could see the people on those double-decker tour buses did a double take at the sight of a Hollywood ritual actually going on. She’s third-generation Hollywood; at MGM, the local “factory” in Culver City, her grandmother doubled for Merle Oberon, and her mother worked for the head of the studio’s makeup department.


This is my fourth Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, and the first one where I haven’t had to ‘’work’’ at the event. The first was for my friend, the marvelous English actor Michael York; Michael asked me to be one of the people designated to speak about him as a friend and a lover of literature as well as an actor. Then, I spoke on behalf of my longtime LA Times colleague, Chuck Champlin, at his star ceremony, where I also met the splendid Eva Marie Saint, as well as the remarkable Paramount producer A.C. Lyles, now 94 years old, who began his movie career sweeping up popcorn at a movie palace in Florida. And when the LA Times was given an honorary star on the walk of fame – The Times’ early publisher Harry Chandler was a big promoter of movies at a time when there were still ‘’no actors’’ signs in the windows of LA boardinghouses – I gave a little speech, too. So it was a pleasure to be “off duty” to enjoy the moment when my friend Gale got her addition to the sidewalk constellation.


Gale’s are the first of myriad feet that will, as the old sight gag goes, “Walk this way.”


Following in the Egbert Roscoe Murrow’s stellar footsteps? You know him as Edward R. Murrow. Of course, I wouldn’t take up that cigarette thing.


Photos: Anibal Ortiz/KPCC


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