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Patt's Hats: Inspired by comedian and friend, Paula Poundstone

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Wild, no? Every couple of years I do a "ballot party" at my friend Paula Poundstone’s, going through the propositions’ backstory as we did a couple of weeks ago here at KPCC – you can listen to that one-hour special here.

As you know, Paula’s comedian uniform includes a necktie and oxford shoes, so I’m wearing them as my homage for tonight’s ballot party event.

The shoes are a wonderful green patent—at least I think they are — somewhere between a glow-in-the-dark parakeet and a luminous lime-color, a pair left on the shelf so long they were all but paying me to take them home. The tie is a vintage Christian Dior with the print by the fabulous Italian designer Emilio Pucci; if you look closely you can see the signature in the fabric.

Not an everyday ensemble, but this is not an everyday election, is it?


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