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Extended Interview: Bernie Sanders, Jasmyne Cannick and the view from the left on Obama

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Excerpts from these interviews aired during KPCC's Take Two

Even in a deep blue state like California, there are plenty of progressives who are disappointed that President Obama didn't do more to address some issues they care about.

Patt Morrison spoke with Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, and Los Angeles-based political consultant and rights activist Jasmyne Cannick about their own thoughts on President Obama's term and campaign focus ahead of the election.

Interview Highlights

Sen. Sanders on Wall Street

“People are asking the question, ‘you know, these guys on Wall Street have been greedy, they’ve been reckless, they’ve engaged in illegal behavior, how come none of these guys are in jail?' If the president was stronger on Wall Street,  do I think [President Obama] would be in better shape politically today? Yeah I do."

Sen. Sanders on Social Security

"In terms of social security, I think if the president says a magic six words, ‘I will not cut Social Security,’ it’s gonna reassure a whole lot of working people in this country. I think it’s not only the right thing to do for the future of America, I think it would make him a more popular president.”

Cannick on the Democrats' focus this election cycle:

“For me, the neglect has been [on] low income communities. Anyone outside of, or shall I say, below, the middle class for the Democratic Party has just basically gone unnoticed and un-talked about.”

“For whatever reason, you know, the people who are living in, you know for lack of a  better word the projects, and the people who are in the hood, are really being ignored this time around and I think it’s a mistake. I think a lot of attention has been focused on courting the Latino vote, courting the Gay vote, courting all of these other votes while at the same time we’ve let significant voting blocs go untouched and un-talked to."

"Here in Los Angeles, for a good example, in 2008 we’d had numerous 'Get Out the Vote' rallies all through South Los Angeles, really trying to get out the black vote in 2008. We’ve had virtually none in 2012."

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