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Patt's Hats: Lagerfeld, fake fur and military chic

Patt Morrison's outfit for Jan. 30, 2013.
Patt Morrison's outfit for Jan. 30, 2013.
Michelle Lanz/KPCC

I truly did not dress this way as an homage to our women in uniform, and, soon, in combat. Nor was it a subliminal nod to the interview we had scheduled to tape today about a new genre of military erotica – we’ll let you know when that will be on the air.

But here I am, in khaki wool, and unless BCBG is the name of some secret infantry unit I’ve inadvertently enlisted in, this is just an-off-the-rack jacket with some military flourishes, although the asymmetry is definitely not S.O.P. Neither are the leopard-print ankle boots, unless the military dress code has loosened up considerably. 

Now, the scarf. This scarf business is a sore point. You’ve seen all the books, French women don’t get fat, French women don’t let the spark go out of their love lives, blah blah blah. Where’s the book about French women’s scarf gene? They can make it look so easy, and so dashing.

On these shores, and here on the West Coast, scarves don’t seem to come naturally to us. Remember Isadora Duncan? She was from San Francisco and looked what happened to her when she tried to get all fancy with a scarf.

So I’m trying out this Lagerfeld scarf with the orange and brown and gold to give a little dash to the ensemble. And if that doesn’t work, well, there’s always the vintage jodhpurs I’ve got on. Maybe they’ll draft me into the cavalry.

The hat? Fake fur, English, by Gilly Forge. It reminded me of one I saw in a Liberty of London poster. The black-and-white image was a photo of a pretty Soviet woman soldier, but instead of a gun, she was holding a brilliantly colored Liberty umbrella. 

As the military command goes, “Dress right dress!”