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Running into Romney on the way to work today

Fake Romney Rally

Patt Morrison/KPCC

Patt Morrison stumbled upon a fake Romney rally set up on her way to KPCC on Feb. 20, 2013.

Yesterday, when I was pinch-hitting for Larry Mantle, we talked about a revival in the medical research’s interest in using psychedelic drugs as therapeutics for terminal patients and people with disorders like OCD.

Curiously, today I had a flashback – without ever having taken the stuff. 

Driving through South Pasadena I saw this along Mission Street: A political rally setup – chairs, tricolor bunting, stage, lectern, the whole shebang – for … Mitt Romney.  

Party like it’s 2012!

It was obviously being done for a movie or TV shoot, and I’m sure that whenever it comes out, the "location" won’t be South Pasadena. I don’t remember a Romney rally being staged anywhere near South Pas.


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