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Patt's Hats: Red on red for the College of Cardinals

Patt Morrison's outfit for March 14, 2013.
Patt Morrison's outfit for March 14, 2013. Michelle Lanz/KPCC

In honor of the College of Cardinals and the papal selection this week … ecclesiastical crimson!
I hurried out this morning too quickly to remember to put on my “holy” – not “holey” – socks. There’s a shop in Rome that’s sold long red silk hose to the princes of the Catholic Church for umpteen hundred years, and a friend of mine one stopped in and bought me a couple of pairs. I’ll have to keep those for another day.
Crimson, scarlet, cardinal, flame, vermilion, ruby – enough synonyms for ‘red’ to fill a book. Hey, they did: there were many single-themed books in the 1990s, books entirely about salt, or coal, and several about a single color. I’ll have to go look for the red, blue and yellow volumes.
In the meantime, the skirt with the laser-cut pattern that looks a bit like daisies and a bit like the symbol for nuclear poisoning … and this hat that bridges the era between the Edwardians and the Jazz Age, Elsie Janis meets Greta Garbo, head-on.

But oh, the scarf — what some people call burnout velvet, and what the Europeans call cisele velvet, from the French word “to chisel,” as in cut away – this in a pomegranate-red silk by Paloma Picasso.
Wear it as a scarf … or use it in the bullring. My reasoning: Paloma Picasso’s father was Pablo Picasso, who painted, among other things, bulls.
(FYI, there’s really no such thing as “bloodless bullfighting”)

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