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Patt's Hats: An H&M steal and treasures from Italy

Patt Morrison's outfit for March 19, 2013.
Patt Morrison's outfit for March 19, 2013.
Michelle Lanz/KPCC

So, I don’t need a baton to wear these boots, right?
As for above the knees, the whole notion of mirror prints fascinates me – take a look at a piece of veneered vintage furniture where you see the pattern on the wood replicated in mirror fashion. What an engrossing idea for a print!
So here it is on this jersey dress from H&M, at such a great sale price that I got a similar one on an ivory background.
Now here’s the nifty part: the necklace, whose colors are precisely the colors in the dress. This, like so many of the favorites in my closet, has a story. I was in Florence for my first visit to Italy – and I’m overdue to go back – and kept seeing this wonderful shop which was always closed. In the window were beautifully colored resin reproductions of vintage costume and fine jewelry, dress clips, sautoirs and the like.

For four or five days this went on – the tempting window, the locked door. Finally, on my last day, the shop was open and I bought a couple of things, including this. The designer was a woman named Angela Caputi, whose work has since crossed the Atlantic.
 They look like huge edible gummy jewels – and sometimes I wish they were! 

Also, I'd love your opinion on the following:

Which is the best shopping scene in a movie:

The shopping scene in Pretty Woman
Or the one in the Preston Sturges’ comedy, “The Palm Beach Story” from 1942? The scene is from about 47:50  to 51:30 [some of the prices seem a bit high even for now, but wow, for 1942!]
Claudette Colbert, fleeing her adorable but impecunious husband Joel McCrea, is flat broke on a Florida-bound train when Rudy Vallee, a stuffy millionaire, rescues her, in a manner of speaking.