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Patt's Hats: Lagerfeld, fake fur and military chic

Patt Morrison

Michelle Lanz/KPCC

Patt Morrison's outfit for Jan. 30, 2013.

I truly did not dress this way as an homage to our women in uniform, and, soon, in combat. Nor was it a subliminal nod to the interview we had scheduled to tape today about a new genre of military erotica – we’ll let you know when that will be on the air.

But here I am, in khaki wool, and unless BCBG is the name of some secret infantry unit I’ve inadvertently enlisted in, this is just an-off-the-rack jacket with some military flourishes, although the asymmetry is definitely not S.O.P. Neither are the leopard-print ankle boots, unless the military dress code has loosened up considerably. 

Now, the scarf. This scarf business is a sore point. You’ve seen all the books, French women don’t get fat, French women don’t let the spark go out of their love lives, blah blah blah. Where’s the book about French women’s scarf gene? They can make it look so easy, and so dashing.


Patt's Hats: Chanel, cloche, and Crawford

Patt Morrison Patt's Hats

Michelle Lanz/KPCC

Patt Morrison's ensemble for Jan 4, 2012.

I apologize, but I seem to be stuck in the Chanel black-and-ivory palette recently. I promise to do zingier next week! The Chanel shoe color scheme was actually quite clever: the body of the shoe is a lighter color to elongate the leg, and the dark toe-cap makes the foot look smaller too. Clever, no? 

But it’s really all about the hat, this 1920s cloche clone, made by this very talented woman in Hawai’i. I know, when you think hats and Hawai’i, you think wide-brimmed sun hats. This one is definitely channeling Garbo, or early Joan Crawford (what, you never saw "Our Dancing Daughters"?)

The wide-legged pants have a 1920s men’s fashion feel to them, the kind the "sheiks" wore when they squired their "flappers" out to do the Charleston and then knock back some bootleg gin in the rumble seat. The artist John Held Jr. did terrific caricatures of these "flaming youth."  


Patt's Hats: It's pretty-ugly sweater season

Patt's Hats

Michelle Lanz/KPCC

Patt Morrison's outfit for Dec. 21, 2012.

I am entirely torn about this sweater. Is it, perhaps, a qualifier for the ironic, iconic worst-sweater contest [though not in the candy-cane-adorned holiday category]? Or does it fall into that group that the French so aptly describe as “jolie laide,” pretty-ugly, weird but chic?

To compound the quandary, it isn’t exactly vintage but it isn’t new. The label says it was made in the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong. That status ended in 1997, when Hong Kong reverted to China, which makes the sweater at least 15 years old, an awkward middle age for garments. 

I do like the low-slung belt for that Cossack look, although mine, unlike theirs, does not have cartridges in it.

What is your vote? 


Patt's Hats: Inspired by comedian and friend, Paula Poundstone

Patt Morrison Oct 29, 2012

Michelle Lanz/KPCC

Patt Morrison's outfit for Oct. 29, 2012.

Patt Morrison with Paula Poundstone

Jason Kandel/KPCC

Patt Morrison with Paula Poundstone in 2010.

Wild, no? Every couple of years I do a "ballot party" at my friend Paula Poundstone’s, going through the propositions’ backstory as we did a couple of weeks ago here at KPCC – you can listen to that one-hour special here.

As you know, Paula’s comedian uniform includes a necktie and oxford shoes, so I’m wearing them as my homage for tonight’s ballot party event.

The shoes are a wonderful green patent—at least I think they are — somewhere between a glow-in-the-dark parakeet and a luminous lime-color, a pair left on the shelf so long they were all but paying me to take them home. The tie is a vintage Christian Dior with the print by the fabulous Italian designer Emilio Pucci; if you look closely you can see the signature in the fabric.

Not an everyday ensemble, but this is not an everyday election, is it?


Patt's Hats: A fall-inspired ensemble for a black-tie event

Patt Morrison

Michelle Lanz/KPCC

Patt Morrison on Oct 22, 2012.

I am willing it to be autumn by wearing autumn-weight clothes!

I got this superb embroidered coat in a glamorous ethnic boutique in New York perhaps a half-dozen years ago … and then these booties! Like they’re made to go with the coat.

They’re Ballys, and I found them at … Goodwill. Yes, Goodwill. I’m emceeing at the PEN awards in Beverly Hills tonight, hence the feathery black-tie hat.