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LAPD Chief Charlie Beck on homeless pets and the officers that rescued them

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck with his wife and rescue dog, Handsome.

LAPD officer Jose Angulo poses with his rescue dogs.

Officer Eddie Kellogg poses with his rescue animal.

Officer Eric Sage poses with his rescue dog.

Officer Mark Day and his rescue dog.

Officer Andrew Nieman and his rescue dog.

Officer Jeff Chianteretto and his rescue dogs.

Officer Feilicia Bailey poses with her rescue dog.

LAPD dog calendar


A LAPD officer poses with her rescue dogs.

The LAPD may be known for fighting crime, but they also help animals. The Voice For The Animals Foundation has created a calendar featuring LAPD officers with their own rescue animals.

Voice for the animals is a non-profit animal rescue organization dedicated to creating respect and empathy for animals through education, rescue, legislation, and advocacy. Chief Charlie Beck is on the cover with his rescue dog, Handsome.

Each month features an officer with their own rescue pet. All of the proceeds will go to the medical treatment, food and shelter for animals in need.

Chief Beck on the motivation behind the calendar:
"There’s nothing cops like more than kids, expect for maybe animals. There’s a incredible amount of police officers that end up rescuing animals that they see during their daily work activity … This is a calendar put together [with] pictures of Los Angeles police officers and the animals they’ve rescued and brought into their homes. Voice For The Animals [a non-profit animal rescue organization] is selling them online, and it’s a fundraiser going towards the rescue of animals. I think it’s a great thing that the department did.”