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Campaign season is here, and KPCC wants your input on political coverage

Campaign slogans as animal hide

Cathro via Flickr Creative Commons

The elephant and donkey -- symbols of U.S. political parties -- are connected and share a veneer of similar advertising.

As election season heats up, KPCC political reporters want to hear about your life as a voter or non-voter and what you love/hate about American electioneering. You can let us know, confidentially, what bugs you about campaign season. We also want to know what you value in the local, state and national campaigns you observe.

Tell us what you'd change. The ads? The campaign money laws? The candidates? The process?

We'll also be looking into why voters choose whether or not to vote. Do you vote, rain or shine, in every election? Do you vote only when an issue or candidate you care about is on the ballot? Maybe you've never registered or voted? Tell us!

What do you want to know about this election season? Let us know!

Your response is confidential, so nothing you share is aired or published without your permission. KPCC political reporters will use the insights you and others share to help shape our political reporting in the coming election season.

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