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California Republicans host New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who never disappoints

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The New Jersey governor never disappoints.

On a Hollywood campaign stop two years ago with Meg Whitman during her run for governor, Chris Christie confronted a heckler. He was twice the man’s size — at least in width — and loomed over him.  The man quickly quieted down.

Christie’s a big get for the California delegation’s opening breakfast. He is the keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention and a possible future presidential candidate (after declining to run this year). 

Christie could also benefit from the appearance, strengthening his ties with Golden State political donors. The California contingent includes 172 delegates and upwards of several hundred dignitaries and invited guests.   

I’m not sure where Christie is staying, but if it's in Tampa, he could have faced a difficult early morning drive over a long bridge over the bay to the breakfast at the delegation’s hotel in low-lying St. Pete Beach.

Sunday night, California Board of Equalization member Michelle Steel of Los Angeles hosted an event dubbed the “Asian Republican Summit.” Weather tamped down attendance, but National Republican Party Chairman Reince Preibus made a few remarks to a crowd of a couple hundred. More on the summit later, and the GOP’s effort to recruit Asian-Americans.

As for the storm, Steel said she wasn’t worried, despite the sandbags in the doorways at the TradeWinds Island Grand Hotel a few feet from the water.

“It’s not going to dampen our energy.”

Notes: Former California Governor Pete Wilson chairs the California delegation.  Here are the honorary co-chairs:

Congressman House Kevin McCarthy of Bakersfield (who serves as House Majority Whip)
Congressman Darrell Issa of San Diego
George Argyros of Orange County, former Ambassador to Spain under President Bush 
Former Secretary of State Bill Jones of Fresno

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