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President Barack Obama gets on Reddit, breaks it

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46249 full

Barack Obama may not have built the Internet, but his popularity has broken one of the web's most popular sites, Reddit.

On a day that was supposed to be all about VP-hopeful Paul Ryan addressing the Republican National Convention, the commander-in-chief took an interesting tack in distracting the eyeballs to the world's most popular messageboard Wednesday.

"Hi, I’m Barack Obama, President of the United States. Ask me anything," he wrote on the site. Within minutes he had over 1,000 questions and the site was forced to switch over to read-only mode as technicians tweaked the overwhelmed servers.

Here is a small sampling of the questions that were able to make it on the site before it crashed:

"The landing of Curiosity on Mars shows Americans still care deeply about our space exploration efforts. What are your plans for NASA if you get re-elected?" asked meteorologygeek1.

"What's the recipe for the White House's beer?" queried silent1mezzo.

"What made you come to reddit for an AMA?" rusher3655 asked in reference to his appearance on the site's Ask Me Anything section.

"He probably has something to promote," snarked darknessthatisnot

Within minutes the site was back up and the president ended up answering ten questions out of the thousands that were posed. When it was over he wrote in all-caps of the experience, "NOT BAD."

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