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Barack Obama goes on Reddit, Twitter rejoices with praise and Romney jokes

Barack Obama and the Not Bad image best known for the meme of the same name.
Barack Obama and the Not Bad image best known for the meme of the same name.

President Barack Obama took to one of the most popular web sites on the web Wednesday and stole a lot of the thunder away from the Republican convention.

Simply by being on the site embraced by young people won over many would-be voters who they expressed their admiration on Twitter, deeming his appearance a "full win".

Not only were Obama supporters able to crack jokes about Mitt Romney ("To counter Obama's AMA on reddit, Romney has just opened a MySpace page", "Obama raises support by holding 'Ask Me Anything" on Reddit; Romney buys Reddit') but the incumbant was able to quickly energize a part of his base that many felt could abandon him in November.

One way he was able to show that he was still the young ray of hope that college-aged voters backed in 2008 was when Obama referenced the "Not Bad" Internet meme that poked fun of one of his expressions.

At the end of his final update Wednesday on Reddit, the president said that his experience on the popular message board was "NOT BAD," using the all-caps that accompanies his image in the meme.

That, and several other aspects of the question-and-answer dialogue resonated with many on Twitter.

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