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California Democratic Party chairman takes a swing at Chris Christie's weight, Mitt Romney's wealth

California Governor-elect Arnold Schwarz


California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton, right, has taken exception with the state's treatment at the Republican National Convention

Who says Californians are a bunch of Chardonnay-sipping, cheese-eaters?

As the Republican National Convention came to a close Thursday night, California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton decided he'd heard enough of what a press release called "incessant California bashing by Republican party leaders at the RNC."

Burton, a longtime politician from the state capital of Chardonnay-and-cheese — San Francisco — did learn how to play hardball over the years, and he threw a couple of brushback pitches at some prominent Republicans:

"I saw Chris Christie on television the other day and noticed he and the rest of the RNC attendees can't seem to stop talking about California. Christie's time would be better spent taking up First Lady Michelle Obama's White House Fitness Challenge than bashing our great state," Burton wrote.

And then this: "If Republicans think California's such a terrible place to live they should ask their nominee Mitt Romney if he has any plans to sell his $12 million La Jolla beachfront property. Once his car elevator is installed, Romney should be able to get a good price on the property."


Here's the advantage of having last at-bats: Now that the Republicans have taken their swings, the Democratic National Convention begins Tuesday in Charlotte. As far as Burton is concerned, batting practice has already begun.





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