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3 steps to chairing a convention: Mayor Villaraigosa on being DNC chairman

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Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was elected to chair the Democratic National Convention in February.

The chairman of the Democratic National Convention holds a lot of responsibility, but he said the job description is simple. The three steps, according to Villaraigosa:

1. Bang the gavel

2. Preside over the business of the convention

3. Oversee the nomination of the president and the vice president

Taking charge of the event and the people involved is one matter, but taming Mother Nature is another. Charlotte's been hit by a series of thunderstorms, with more rain and storms predicted for the rest of the week. That might affect President Obama's Thursday night speech at an outdoor stadium.

Villaraigosa said if it rains, the show must go on. "We’ll just have to make do," he said.

The estimated 74,000 spectators will get by solely with ponchos — umbrellas are one of the restricted items not allowed in the convention venues.

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