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Hotel difficulties for CA delegates inspire poetry

It's been a rough week for the Blake Hotel and the California delegation.

The hotel's been undergoing remodeling for months. They didn't quite work out all the bugs before opening their doors to the convention's largest delegation. A chunk of plaster fell off the building on Friday. The city reportedly condemned a few rooms for not being up to code. Guests got stuck in an elevator. One floor had no hot water, another no cold water. One guest said there was water dripping from his ceiling. 

Californians haven't been shy about complaining. Loudly. The state party set up a special e-mail address for delegates to give feedback on their lodgings. Glad it's not me reading those complaints!

The staff has bent over backwards to try putting collective fingers in the many leaking dikes. Several I've talked to are working many, many overtime hours.

But guests have been leaving the building in droves. And those that remain are using it like a badge of courage.  U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein told the delegation at her breakfast speech that she's staying here. And she suggested hardship creates "bonding qualities" that could work to the party's advantage.

Meanwhile, the state Democratic Party staff came up with its own attempt at rallying the troops, turning to poetry.  A trio of female staffers read this at breakfast:

Before we get started there are a few things we want to review

The hotel was just renovated which may mean problems for you

Your toilet might flush with a mighty roar

But you know that it works, that's for sure

You may need to search for an outlet that works

It's like a free workout — definitely one of the perks

Your room might double as a refrigerator

And we're told your internet connection could work later

When you take a shower there is no cold water

Just think how clean you'll be — it can't get much hotter

There will be no room service available this week

The horror, we know, but the truth we speak

Trapped in the elevator?  Don't despair

It will only take an hour or two to repair

Water leaking from the ceiling and floor?

It's ambience — we can enjoy the rain from indoors

Did you find construction tools when you walked in the door?

They might come in handy when you fix your decor

Please know that this experience was not our intent

But not everything runs smoothly like a CDP [California Democratic Party] event

We hope that you'll enjoy the DNC this week

And if you have room problems call the front desk and shriek

The hotel itself may be in tatters

But the good thing is — it doesn't really matter

Because on Thursday, California will arrive in style

Knowing that for President, we went the extra mile

In the end, we will weather this drama

When we deliver the nomination for Obama!

PS: I don't think the state poet laureate's job is in danger.