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Attorney General Kamala Harris says jobs numbers show Obama's plan is working

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Job numbers released the morning after President Obama’s DNC speech put a damper on the Democrats’ morning-after buzz — so much so that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney dubbed it a “hangover.”  But at least one California Democrat has a different view.

August unemployment is down to 8.1 percent, a slight decrease from July (when it was 8.3 percent). But analysts say that’s because many job seekers have just stopped looking for work.

State Attorney General Kamala Harris, one of the rising stars at the Democratic National Convention, points out that nearly a 100,000 jobs were added last month.

She says the economy is turning around, but it’s not fixed yet.

And she says that’s why Barack Obama should be re-elected. She says the President has been making "every attempt" to improve the economy and there's "empirical evidence of the success of those attempts" — ergo, Americans should let him stay and complete the job.

Harris adds that the President’s promise to strengthen community colleges is important to out-of-work Californians who need to learn new skills to get them back on the job.

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