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Campaign 2012 apps: Top 9 (nearly) free election apps to make you smarter than your phone

A screenshot of the
A screenshot of the "Yes We Camera" app for iPhone. The app is just one of many to choose from this election year.

Tired of Angry Birds?  Looking for a smartphone app that’s more – well, political?

Type in “election” into your smartphone app search and you’ll find plenty of helpful sites… and several fun ones. Here are a few of our faves:

1. The Yes We Camera app turns any photo taken with your iPhone camera or synced with your photo gallery into the Obama-style campaign poster created by Shepard Fairey.  It’s free. (iPhone, free)

2. Republicans may like the free Obama Clock app.  It ticks down the remainder of Barack Obama’s term in office.  It also keeps track of the national debt, the housing index, and gas prices to give you talking points to argue with your Democratic friends and relations. (Android & iPhone, free) 

3. If you want to know when Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan are coming to your hometown, try the free “Mitt Events” app. It allows you to check their schedule and RSVP to events. (iPhone & Android, free)

4. Can’t decide who to vote for? The free “Obama vs. Romney Quiz” app can help. Check your answers to a series of questions to views held by the candidates. Subject matter includes everything from taxes to health care to foreign policy. (iPhone & Android, free)

5. Don’t like any of the current crop of candidates? Long for the kind of candidate Grover Cleveland was? Try the free Political Time Machine.”  The site compiles over 25 hundred political videos and even includes information on presidential candidates who ran before there were moving pictures. (iPhone, Free) 

6. If you’re counting swing states, Zentropy Software’s Election 2012 app is for you.  For 99 cents, you can analyze electoral college results from the past 40 years and allows you to predict election results based on your own state-by-state scenarios.  It includes a map you can use to change states from blue to red. (iPhone, $.99)

7. Comedy Central has a free app: Indecision Election Companion.”  It contains funny pictures, a blog, and an interactive peanut gallery that allows you to vote with a flip flop, a yawn, or a thumbs up to campaign appearances, debates, etc. (iPhone, free)

8. Got political ambitions of your own?  There’s a free “Election Game” app that allows you to “appear on TV shows”, react to world news, run ad campaigns, rally volunteers, even dig for dirt on your opponent.  Yikes.  This may cure political aspirations for an entire generation! (iPhone, $.99 | Android, free)

9. Running for office in an alternate universe may appeal.  Titus: Politics is not a game costs $1.99, but allows you to play the role of an agoraphobic watchmaker who becomes the president of Wealland, a country that looks like something out of a Tim Burton film. (iPhone, $1.99)

There are also apps to track polls, and lots of apps from news organizations that cover the races.  There’s a Super PAC App to check out where the money’s coming from.  And if you just want to know where your polling place is, you can download the Election Protection free app.

Did we miss any? What are your favorite apps for this political season? Share with us in the comments.