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INFOGRAPHIC: Who do iPhone users vote for? Android users?

An Android and an iPhone side-by-side.
An Android and an iPhone side-by-side.
gillyberlin/Flickr Creative Commons

According to a recent study by Localytics, 70 percent of the most active iPhone states vote Democrat, while 70 percent of the most active Android phone states vote Republican.

California, one of the so-called blue states voting Democratic on a regular basis, is also an iPhone state. However, fellow west coasters in Oregon and Washington are predominantly Android dominated.

How about the swing states? In a good sign for those looking for Mitt Romney support, 7 out of 9 swing states are Android states, including crucial swing states like Florida and Ohio.

Check out more of the data that could make 2012 the mobile election in this infographic from the Engine Yard cloud computing company:

Courtesy of: Engine Yard