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Heeeere’s Jerry! Proposition 30 launches statewide TV campaign (video)

The Yes on 30 campaign has launched five TV commercials, two of which feature the proposition's main proponent, Gov. Jerry Brown

Television ads for the Governor’s tax initiative hit the airwaves Wednesday. Five different ads feature — in turn —  teachers, the state controller and Governor Jerry Brown.

Voter support for Proposition 30 — the governor’s plan to raise sales and income tax to prevent cuts to schools — fell to 54 percent in a USC/Los Angeles Times poll last week. That had some political observers wondering why Brown's people were waiting to launch an advertising campaign.

(You can watch the ads below or on YouTube.)

The first presidential debate maybe?

Prop 30 spokesman Dan Newman confirms the debate had something to do with the decision to launch Wednesday. But, he says, so did the fact that Californians begin voting by mail next week. "So now's the time to start," Newman said. (The Secretary of State’s records for the last presidential election show that 41 percent of Californians who voted did so by mail.) 

The Prop 30 campaign amassed $41 million in contributions by the end of last month and will use some of that on media buys. But Brown's initiative won't have the screen to itself.

The competing tax initiative, Prop 38, launched its second TV ad Wednesday, and backers say it will run "in every major California media market."  The campaign to pass Molly Munger’s sliding-scale income tax hike to boost school funding banked $28 million in contributions by the end of September — nearly all of it contributed by Munger herself.

USC poll director Dan Schnur doubts Prop 38 ads can help it win. Voter support is just at 32 percent, but Schnur said it's possible Prop 38's spots could hurt Prop 30.

"A continued series of advertisements talking about career politicians in such a disparaging way could provide an additional obstacle in the path of the governor and his allies," Schnur said.

As for the "No on Prop 30" campaign, spokesman Aaron McLear says they plan to launch statewide TV ads soon.

The No on 30 campaign has collected $3 million in contributions. It is already running radio ads and launched a new one on Wednesday.

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