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Online voter signups fuel record at LA County Registrar

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Some 220,000 new and renewing voters registered online in the two weeks that the system's been available in California.

The decision to open voter rolls to online registrations is pulling in thousands more new and renewing voters in Los Angeles County and throughout California.

Under the old system, you could download a registration form and mail it in to your county registrar. Or go visit a public office like city hall, the library or Department of Motor Vehicles (remember the oh-so controversial Motor Voter law?) But then California lowered the effort bar even further, letting voters register online.

Some 220,000 new and renewing voters registered online in the two weeks it's been available, says Shannan Velayas of the Secretary of State's office.

Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters reports it has received a record 150,000 new or renewing voter registrations in September, partly because of the online registration that was first offered statewide late in the month.

County registrars typically get a large number of new and renewed registrations in the last weeks before a presidential race, but last month's online-assisted registration total outstripped the old 120,000 record set in 2008.

In Riverside County, Registrar of Voters Keri Verjil says online registrations have been coming in at the rate of about 750 per day, more than 13,000 new and renewing voters since the online program started. Riverside County is perhaps two or three days away from topping 900,000 voters, a new high.

San Bernradino is also hauling in voters at a fast pace. In all of September, the office got 7,100 registrations, and in just a few days of October, 3,100 have come in.

We have calls out to Orange County for their September totals and will update with those numbers when available.

October 22nd is the last day to register for the November 6 election.

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