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That's My Issue: Access to health care

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This post is part of KPCC & WNYC's "That's My Issue" series, and represents the views of its author, not of either station. 

I moved from Chicago to Los Angeles about two years ago and had a month of time when I was not covered by health insurance. I'm a healthy person — a couple of minor little health problems.  I could not buy private health insurance for myself. I am a healthy, adult person with a good job that just had this month of not being covered. And that shed a new light on healthcare. If I did have a pre-existing condition, that people—they can’t buy health insurance. It’s eye-opening.

I appreciate ObamaCare in a new way that. I have paid attention to the details of ObamaCare, and I’m concerned that Romney would repeal that with no specifics about how he might possibly replace it. 

That's My Issue: Health Care by KPCC

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