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That's My Issue: The Environment

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My name is Alex, I’m from Los Angeles, and the most important issue to me is the environment. 

And at this debate, I was a little disappointed. One, because it’s limited to the two big parties. We didn’t see Jill Stein and we didn’t see, is it Gary Johnson, is that the Libertarian? So, we didn’t get to see those alternative opinions, really.

The moderator didn’t ask any questions that dealt with the ecological health of the country, of the world, didn’t deal with climate change, anything like that, so that was disappointing for me.

There was a little bit of green jobs, green fuels, but it was more just like a ribbing point for Romney.

That's My Issue: It affects all of us at the level of our bodies by KPCC

I think because it just affects all of us at the level of our bodies. I mean, my mom has cancer and who’s to say what that was from. Then beyond that, I am a grad student and I study that stuff so it’s just kind of always been something I’ve been concerned about. But really, everyone should be interested in this because it affects them at the level of their bodies — what we eat, the air that we breathe, the water that we drink, all that. 

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