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That's My Issue: Public Education

Peter Walts speaks to KPCC about his views on public education.
Peter Walts speaks to KPCC about his views on public education. Kim Bui/Amy Lieu/KPCC

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Everyone has budget concerns. That's probably one of the first things you talk about when you talk about education.

I just really want it to work for everybody — public education.  We've got to find a way to fund it, we have to stop demonizing teachers. However, we do have to qualify what makes a good teacher and understand that more.

We have stop making them be police officers and social workers as well.

Parents need to do their jobs too, so we need to get more and more parents involved with their local schools.

But I suppose principally, funding would be the biggest concern right now, so very concerned about that.  

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With contributions from Amy Lieu and Kim Bui

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