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That's My Issue: Accessibility

Erika Toriz tells KPCC her concerns about accessibility of election information.
Erika Toriz tells KPCC her concerns about accessibility of election information. Kim Bui/Amy Lieu/KPCC

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My husband and I took a trip to Napa and we were reading the propositions one by one. And we were very confused. We are both educated, we both understand and we both can read and comprehend papers. But it took us five hours to go through them, and we still had confusion on more than a few of them.

My main concern is that we need to make [politics] more accessible for the regular citizen. This is something very important that I can't believe it's so difficult to comprehend.

People don't want to come to vote, especially for the Latino communities that are Spanish-speaking. I mean, if it's hard for us to understand what to educate people, I can't even imagine what it would be for the regular people.

My mom cleans houses and she is very much interested in politics, but she has no comprehension of what she is voting for. Sometimes they go to the poll and they just circle whatever they can because they want to just make the vote.

So, we need to do something about making this more understandable and comprehensible for people.

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