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What 3 Obama/Romney debate topics made social media users say '@*$#'?

49152 full
49152 full

Tuesday night's presidential debate was more contentious than round one, with Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both hitting hard at their opponent. Also hitting hard? Twitter commenters.

Along with the usual Twitter jokes, according to social media security firm Impermium, three topics made social media users lose it. (The following tweets have been censored for your perusal.)

Gas prices:

The economy:


Impermium data also says that comments slurring Obama exceeded those slurring Romney by five times.

The top "derogatory nicknames" for Obama:

  • Nobama
  • Obummer
  • Odumbo
  • Obozo
  • Empty suit

The top "derogatory nicknames" for Romney:

  • R Money
  • More Money
  • Mittens
  • Robme
  • Obama Lite

I'm going to go wash my computer monitor out with soap.

(Hat tip: Pando Daily)

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