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That's My Issue: The economy

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This post is part of KPCC & WNYC's "That's My Issue" series, and represents the views of its author, not of either station. 

My name is Enoch Morishima. I recently graduated from college and fortunately I’ve been able to find a full-time job now, but I’ve had a hard time finding it.

I know a lot of friends who are still struggling and just seeing the community and the entire country in general, seeing so many people and so many families struggle, and seeing this country lag behind others in terms of being able to lead economically and have its hard and soft power decline, it worries me.

I really hope that the person I vote for can make a positive impact. I am not looking for a very quick turnaround, but at least start making better steps and leading the country into a more robust economic recovery. 

That's My Issue: The Economy by KPCC

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