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That's My Issue: Reproductive rights

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My name is Rhianon, and I pay attention to a lot of the issues, but I would say that one that is an absolute deal-breaker for me as a woman is women’s rights and reproductive rights. 

Just having been lucky enough to grow up in a family where it was always really supported that I was absolutely equal, that I have sovereign rights over my body the same way any other person should.

It affected the way that I feel about these things. 

I have friends who have had difficult situations who maybe something came up. I’ve had friends who couldn’t get birth control because they grew up in really religious or conservative families and groups like Planned Parenthood were there for them.

I ‘m not saying that there should be federal funding for abortion, I’m just saying it’s my body—don’t tell me what to do with it.

That's My Issue: Reproductive Rights by KPCC

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