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That's My Issue: Education policy

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For me, it’s a personal thing. I’m pursuing education policy — that’s where I’m going. So for me, [education] is the big pressing issue of the time.

You see [that] with the Chicago teacher strike that happened not too long ago, and just what’s been going on... with the issues that are affecting teacher’s unions and all of that and with the whole idea of accountability and how we are going about with teacher’s salaries.

I think that right now is a very key moment for us to reconsider the way that we look at education and the way that we approach reform.

Honestly, I want to see clear policy spelled out, particularly on Romney’s side. I feel like Obama, since he was our president, it’s all on the table, we know where he is headed, we know what he stood for.  He stood pretty firmly and lost a lot of support from the teachers' unions. I think with Romney, I’m still unclear about how he wants to move forward.

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