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CA Fair Political Practices Commission wants names of $11 million donors to Prop 30 and 32

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California officials are expected to investigate an $11 million campaign contribution from an Arizona nonprofit. The money was donated to defeat Proposition 30 and pass Proposition 32. 

The Fair Political Practices Commission is demanding the group disclose who gave the money by Wednesday.

Americans for Responsible Leadership is described on its website as an organization that seeks to “advance government accountability, transparency, ethics, and related public policy issues.”   

The group donated $11 million to the Small Business Action Committee, which is working to defeat Prop. 30 and to pass Prop. 32, the proposed ban on payroll deductions for political donations.

The Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) sent a letter to the group’s attorneys demanding the donor’s names.  

FPPC Chair Ann Ravel said if the group does not respond by Wednesday, the FPPC will sue Americans for Responsible Leadership.

California’s Political Reform Act of 1974 requires a nonprofit to disclose the names of its donors, if those donors knew the money would be spent on a particular campaign.   

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