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Prop 30 supporters expected to unleash media blitz in final stretch

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Proposition 30 has a narrow lead in the polls, though support has been dipping, with less than 50 percent of likely voters in favor. The campaign to raise taxes for public education is in the homestretch. 

Expect to see a lot of the Governor in the coming days—in a lot of different places. Over the weekend he stumped at Downtown L.A.’s Grand Central Market, and Wednesday he’s scheduled to make his case at a Los Angeles Town Hall gathering.

The Governor’s full court press generates a lot of free media attention. But expect to see the campaign for Prop 30 boost its spending on paid advertising. Expenditure reports filed with the Secretary of State show the campaign has spent $21 million so far — mostly on media. That leaves Brown and his supporters with $40 million to burn before election day.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday the Fair Political Practices Commission will learn whether a judge will compel an Arizona organization to disclose who provided $11 million that was donated to a group fighting against the passage of Prop 30.  


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