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Congress: Inland Democrats Takano and Ruiz get Villaraigosa endorsement

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Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has endorsed Democratic Congressional candidates Mark Takano and Raul Ruiz.

Villaraigosa made the announcement during a Tuesday press conference at the Los Angeles County Democratic Party's East Los Angeles office.

Takano, a teacher, is running in the newly-drawn 41st District in the Inland Empire. His opponent is longtime Riverside County Supervisor John Tavaglione, a Republican.

Until the recent redistricting, the 41st District was more Republican. It includes Riverside, Moreno Valley, Lake Matthews, Mead Valley and Perris.

Ruiz, an emergency room doctor, is running in another recently redrawn district, the 36th, in Palm Springs.

Analysts consider the race a toss-up between Ruiz and seven-term Republican incumbent Mary Bono Mack. That district used to be reliably Republican, but after the remapping it now merely leans that way. The district is about 40 percent Latino.

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