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Congresswoman sends cease and desist letter to state Assembly candidate

Matthew Lin

Matthew Lin Campaign

Rep. Judy Chu sent a cease and desist letter Thursday to state Assembly candidate Matthew Lin. She believes he misled voters into thinking she endorsed him in the race.

A candidate for the state Assembly received a cease and desist letter Thursday from a Democratic congresswoman who accused the Republican of misleading voters into thinking he had received her endorsement.

Rep. Judy Chu’s letter identified three pieces of mail that she says incorrectly gave voters the impression that she endorsed Matthew Lin. In fact, Chu has endorsed fellow Democrat Edwin Chau in the race for the Assembly’s 49th District in the San Gabriel Valley.

“I demand that you immediately cease and desist from using my name, image and likeness, whatsoever, or even mentioning me or my elected Congressional Office in your campaign materials and demand that you issue an apology for the unauthorized use of my name and picture to be mailed out to every voter who has received this information from your campaign,” Chu wrote in her letter.

In response to the letter, a spokeswoman for the Lin campaign released this statement:

Dr. Lin used proclamations and pictures of awards that Judy Chu provided to Dr. Lin for his humanitarian work and philanthropy work thru out the years. Dr. Lin is and will continue to be committed to work in a bipartisan manner to improve the lives of the community.  We're sorry Dr. Lin's contributions and bipartisan work offend Judy Chu.  

According to the congresswoman, Lin also led voters to believe that he was endorsed by a host of Democrats — Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Controller John Chiang, Rep. Adam Schiff and Assemblyman Mike Eng. None of the elected officials, however, are listed on Lin’s website under endorsements.

Lin and Chau are running in the first Asian American-majority district in the state of California. Lin won the June primary, even though the 49th District leans Democrat. 

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