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Pelosi staying on as Democratic House leader

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Former House speaker Nancy Pelosi says she’ll run to keep her job as the Democratic leader in the House. Pelosi bristled at suggestions she should have stepped aside for a younger generation of Democrats.

Pelosi said she decided to run again, in part, because her kids’ support, and because of a message she said she heard over and over again from fellow House Democrats, "don’t even think of leaving.” 

Pelosi cited the role of money in politics, including billions of dollars spent on the presidential campaign, as one issue for the new Congress. “Our founders had in mind a government of the many," she said, "not government of the money.”

Pelosi surrounded herself with dozens of fellow female House members. She pointed out California’s Democratic delegation now has a majority of women. Those women – mostly middle-aged and older – were not happy when a younger reporter suggested the 72-year old Pelosi was hurting the party by staying on instead of encouraging younger leaders. There were hisses and cries of "discrimination!" Pelosi called the question “offensive” and said while men in their 30s were running for office, she was raising kids. 


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