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Just how big is Obama in L.A. County? (Hint: Bigger than New Jersey)

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie leads a state that cast fewer votes for President Barack Obama than voters in Los Angeles County.

All the votes cast for President Barack Obama in Los Angeles County add up to more than he got in all of New Jersey, according to an analysis by Bloomberg News.

But New Jersey isn't alone —  it's just one of 42 states that L.A. County outnumbered in terms of votes for the President.

Obama received 2,216,903 votes from Los Angeles County, and 2,122,786 from New Jersey residents. So what, you say? (Actually, that was my first thought when my editor suggested I write about this.)

Let's face it. L.A. is a big, crowded place, with an economy that outrstrips entire nations. The sheer volume of just about anything we do here would seem to have lost its newsworthiness.

You want numbers? I gotcha numbers right heah, I say in a fake New Jersey accent.

L.A. County residents cast 885,333 votes for Mitt Romney. The entire population of New Jersey's five biggest cities — Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth and Edison — is only 10,500 more than that.

New Jersey does have Los Angeles County beat in Romney votes. Statewide, he got 1.48 million votes.

The President did a lot of fundraising here during the campaign. Maybe he owes L.A. more than he does his new BFF, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

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