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Want a seat at the inauguration? Make a video.

27745 full
27745 full

Getting an actual seat at the Presidential inauguration is tough. Even though members of Congress get more than 170 tickets to distribute to the January 21st event, they get fewer than two dozen actual seats. Everyone else gets to stand around in the cold.

Democratic Congresswoman Karen Bass of Los Angeles, like most members, is holding a lottery for the standing room tickets. But she's also offering two actual seats to each of two lucky constituents.

But there are two catches: you have to make a video essay, and you have to live in her district.

You can be as artsy as your inner filmmaker wants to be, but you also have to adhere to the theme: explaining how your life or community has been impacted by President Obama and how you'd like to see his administration move our country forward over the next four years.

Bass will accept entries from constituents who live in her old 33rd district or the newly configured 37th district.

Get moving. The deadline is Dec. 28th. Winners will be announced Jan. 4th.

Congresswoman Bass says before she was elected to Congress, she attended the 2009 inauguration and says "It was one of the most amazing, hopeful and inspirational events I had experienced.”

The online entry form is here

And if you don't live in Bass' district? Everything you need to know about inauguration tickets can be found here.




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