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City employees line up for their annual picture with Mayor and Santa

City Hall Christmas Tree

Alice Walton/KPCC

It's an annual tradition at City Hall for the mayor to take pictures with city workers against the backdrop of the Christmas tree.

In the spirit of the holidays, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa spent a recent morning at City Hall standing in front of a Christmas tree to take pictures with city employees and their families.

Hundreds of workers lined up near the rotunda to snap a photo with the mayor and Santa Claus. One person waiting was Isabelle Sanchez of the City Clerk’s Elections Division. This was her first time meeting the mayor.

“I'm very excited. I just saw him right now because I passed by and it's nerve-racking but I'm looking forward to it,” Sanchez said. 

Another woman in line was Jameea Jones. She took off work and brought her three children to the event. Though her daughters were more excited about seeing Santa, Jones felt it was important for them to see the outgoing mayor.

“I think when they see his face they'll get it because they've seen his face on TV before so, I want to see the reaction,” she said. 

With his term almost up, this is the last time Villaraigosa will spend hours in front of the City Hall Christmas tree.

“The fact that so many people would be wanting to take a picture with you is a blessing," he said, "and these are the people who make this city work. I couldn't be more appreciative of the work that they do." 

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