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Greuel inches closer to Garcetti in fundraising race

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As the March 5 city election gets closer, candidates are required to file campaign finance reports more frequently. In reports submitted Thursday — covering just the first 19 days in January —  City Controller Wendy Greuel collected more than fellow frontrunner Councilman Eric Garcetti.

Greuel pulled in $127,500 and Garcetti $80,500 during the period. They've been fundraising since 2011 and remain quite close: Garcetti has pulled in $3.68 million, Gruel $3.6 million.

City Councilwoman Jan Perry has collected less than half that amount. She raised just over $16,000 in early January and is close to passing the $1.49 million mark.

Greuel and Garcetti get to collect the maximum amount of public matching campaign funds of $667,000 each for the primary. Perry gets $568,000 in matching funds. Citywide, taxpayers are putting $2.4 million into matching funds in the mayor's race.

Candidates for mayor, who will debate on KPCC next month, cast a wide geographic net for contributions. About 90 percent of Garcetti and Greuel's campaign funds were raised from donors within California; Perry, about 95 percent.

Former radio talk show host Kevin James, the lone Republican in the non-partisan mayoral race, collected nearly $13,000 from Jan. 1-19. He's collected $332,000 since entering the race, enough to receive public matching funds of nearly $203,000. About 81 percent of James' funds were rasied from individuals and companies in California.

An independent expenditure committee, Better Way L.A., reported spending about $63,000 in support of James' campaign, but so far has not run any ads. That's a far cry from the $2 million that campaign advisor Fred "Hollywood" Davis said he planned to raise independently to bolster the James campaign.

Mayoral candidate Emanuel Pleitez, who is running a grass-roots campaign, raised $8,600 in the most recent reporting cycle, including $1,889 in cash contributions of $100 or less that don't get reported by donor name.

The tech exec has raised $221,500 so far, about 59 percent from Californians. Pleitez gets $299,000 in public matching campaign funds. He's put $24,500 of his own money into the race, the most of any still-active candidate. (Mayoral candidate dropout Austin Beutner put $1.1 million into his campaign.)

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