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VIDEO: Salma Hayek praises Eric Garcetti for...finding her wallet at the North Pole?!

Earlier this week, actress Salma Hayek released a video singing the praises of mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti. On Thursday, the campaign released a second video in which the actress describes an encounter with Garcetti … at the North Pole.

About a decade ago, Garcetti and Hayek were part of a group that headed north to bring attention to global warming’s impact on the Inuits. What Hayek found most impressive about the councilman was his determination to find her lost wallet in the snow.

“He came back and he had found my small black dot wallet in the middle of the desert snow and the most impressive part is that all the money was in it,” Hayek says in the video.

So, how does that relate to Garcetti’s run for mayor of Los Angeles? Aside from the fact that he won’t steal your money if he finds your wallet?

“Eric Garcetti is one of those people that think that anything is possible and he is so sure of it that he goes out there and makes it happen,” Hayek says.

The video follows yesterday's announcement that 200 entertainment executives, writers and actors endorsed Garcetti for mayor. He has represented the Hollywood area as a councilman since 2001.

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