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LA mayoral race 2013: New TV ads for frontrunners in mayor's race

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If Eric Garcetti had to use three words to describe himself for a job interview, they would be: "practical" and "problem solver." Also, he has proven results.

That’s according to the first television ad released by Garcetti’s mayoral campaign. The video shows Garcetti in Griffith Park, explaining his track record as councilman of the Thirteenth District.

“Identifying problems is easy," Garcetti says. "Solving them is hard.”

He then tells voters that his council district, which stretches from Echo Park to Hollywood, is number one in job growth, and that he’s led the way on pension reform and cutting taxes. 

Shortly after Garcetti's ad was released, a political action committee supporting Wendy Greuel released its own ad. The union that represents Department of Water and Power employees is partnering with entertainment executives to back Greuel.

“The working men and women of L.A. want a mayor who will clean up the mess at City Hall and fight for the basics — good jobs, reliable emergency services and better schools for our kids,” said Working Californians’ co-chair Marvin Kropke. 

Greuel, however, is hardly an outsider. She served on the City Council for seven years prior to being elected City Controller in 2009.

Garcetti and Greuel lead the polls for the March 5th election. They are virtually tied in fundraising, though Greuel has the advantage of independent committees also raising money on her behalf.

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